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  • Property Management
  • Project Management
  • Syndic
  • Commercial lease administration
  • Investment and consultancy advice
  • Rental Coordination

For us, Property Management is more than merely processing rental data; it surpasses this. We consider it to be a tactical-strategic assignment for the benefit of our client.

We provide an integral approach for all building structures: correct budgeting, a pragmatic approach and an extensive inspection of the executed work.

As an accredited syndic, we aid – even in the start-up phase of a real estate complex – any developer and/or Joint Owners’ Association with this typical method of management.

With our years of involvement in retail property, we offer a new service to retail chains: we take care of your administrative store management, we calculate whether the requested lease is in line with the market and that the service charges are correct, whether the guarantee and registration are still valid. Are your stores ideally situated, how is your turnover developing in the area etc.?

Our experience with real estate investments and divestments has been built up over a number of years, through numerous deals and operations both for national and international real estate players. We know the procedures, we have a sound knowledge of the relevant legislation and maintain the best contacts with specialised advisors and solicitors.

Today's property markets, both in the retail property and office and logistics market, are extremely competitive: we know the players, the best placed estate agents and we are often the most appropriate partner for our property clients who want to maintain the occupancy rate of their building or shopping centre.

Administration, editing and follow-up of all contracts (leases, incoming and outgoing surveys, internal regulations, rental guarantees etc.).

Advice on the drawing up of contracts and monitoring their observance.

Management of insurance policies and assistance with the settling of insurance claims.

Supervision, monitoring and advice in the drawing up of building permits, the renewal of permits and/or of any other environmental or administrative legal document.

Structured consultation with tenants and landlords at specified times.

Regular and ‘customised’ reporting.

Continued general tenant satisfaction.


Drawing up budgets and suitable design plans in collaboration with architects and interior designers.

Selection of contractors and negotiations for the best price/quality ratio.

Monitoring work activities and drawing up reports.

Supervising experts and the contractor in the preparation of the provisional and final delivery of works.


We notice a trend to increasingly more co-ownership structures in commercial property: SME parks, office buildings, multi-purpose buildings etc.

Our specialists are experienced syndics with a thorough knowledge of the Law on Co-ownership.


Selection of the best placed real estate agent(s), editing and monitoring of the estate agents’ mandates.

Day-to-day and proactive presence in the property market, regular consultations and contacts with estate agents with a view to keeping information on the lease situation for a property portfolio up to date.

Marketing and publicity advice, organisation of commercial activities and events in order to limit vacant property.

Professional advice with the editing of leases, making standard contracts available.


Our professional reputation, our real estate knowledge and experience is extremely valued and widely recognised.

Organising a carefully thought out audit and extensive financial audit, selection of the supporting legal and technical advisors and valuation experts for the benefit of the purchase and/or sales process.

Preparation of the data room and follow-up of the selected candidates.

Setting up a digital archive or data room.

Conducting all negotiations with buyers, sellers, real estate agents and advisors on behalf of our client.

Legal and permit consultancy advice.

Wide experience with property tax and legal property issues.


Taking over the entire administration for retail chains with several branches (rental payment administration, index calculations, inspection of rent collections and rental expense accounts, NPO contribution for Shopping Centres, settlement of withholding tax on real estate income).

Supervision and advice with the drawing up of the commercial lease agreements, of the attachments, the incoming and outgoing surveys, the rental guarantees.

Inspecting and drawing up a strength/weakness analysis of a specific retail portfolio.

Conducting all negotiations with retail estate agents and shop owners for the benefit of all rental (re)negotiations.

Strategic advice with regard to the best shop locations, conducting negotiations with estate agents and owners in order to roll out this strategic retail plan.

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